20 - 22 February

IWLHS 2013

The full-day technical tour will take place on Friday, 22 November 2013.

1. Destination (morning): Urft dam (Germany)
(Presentation & detailed visit of the dam and spillway)

Photo: WVER

The Urft dam is 58.5 m high arch gravity dam planned and built by Otto Intze between 1900 and 1905. With a length of 226 m, a base width of 50.5 m and a crown width of 6 m, the Urft dam was the largest dam in Europe at the time. A stepped spillway with 33 steps which is integrated into the barrage serves as flood release structure. Read more...

2. Destination: 4th Lanaye lock & Lixhe fishpass (Belgium)
(Presentation & detailed visit of the construction area)

Photo: SPW-Direction de l’Edition

The Lanaye lock complex is a strategic intersection in the Western Europe inland waterways network. Located on the Belgium – The Netherlands border, it is the only connection point between French and Belgian waterways network on one side, and Dutch, German and Central Europe waterways network on the other side. Read more...